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The Five Points Historic District Association, Historic Marker Committee must approve all applications from property owners. While all homes within the boundaries are eligible, the following regulations must be followed.

  • Documentation must be furnished, with deeds from the original owner of the home and the present owner.
  • The name (or names) to be put on the marker must be furnished. No more than two names may be used, preferably one, being the original owner of the residence.
  • Owners must use the name of the original builder or owner. Use of the current owners name is inappropriate unless they have been a long-term (20 years or more) resident.
  • It is best to show only one family name on the marker, although as many as two can be shown if there are strong reasons for doing so. An example could be that a later owner lived for a long period in the home, or was well known in the community.
  • Where no definite construction date can be determined, CA (Circa) will be added to the date determined by the information provided.
  • Where the original style of the home is no longer distinguishable, the date of that change may be included on the marker, as determined by the Historic Marker Committee.
  • The Association will keep copies of all documents as a permanent record of the history of the home.

Typically Historic Marker orders are placed in May and October each year.

For More information please contact:

Judy Perszyk
(256) 551-2957

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